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"FlexiVet" in ACE

an_apple_for_lunch_-_2264352319_be3beb393a_b.jpgThe name "flexivet" comes from "flexible delivery in VET programs" (for ACE providers). (Unfortunately it's also a product in the Veterinary world.)

Teacher Guides

Here on the "How to" page .. including New (Oct'09): guidelines for:
a) making screencasts,
b) editing the student wiki.

The Case Study


Stage one: Gather existing resources and learning materials
Stage two: Trial flexible delivery learning materials with learners,
  • plus add screencasts to the common resource

Stage three: Explore web2 technologies and map to certificates

Here's michael chalk giving a spoken overview of the idea, with a slideshow (via slideshare).
(You can go "Full Screen" - look for the full screen button, bottom left of slideshow.)


Updates from team blogs:

flexivet – electro-textual
  • Get student feedback with google forms by Michael Chalk Nov 11, 2009
    For the first stage of our project evaluation (the “flexivet” project for flexible delivery in ACE), we had paper-based evaluation forms. This was fine.. until i realised it meant i would be the one to input the data into a spreadsheet. Yawn. So i’ve set up a form at google docs.. which inputs directly into the spreadsheet. ...
  • Version confusion!! (the endless upgrade cycle) by Michael Chalk Oct 19, 2009
    So we’re approaching the final sprint of this flexivet project for the e-learning innovations part of the Australian Flexible Learning Framework. One of our major difficulties has been different versions of office software. Moreland Adult Education
  • Double-check different browsers before sending feedback! by Michael Chalk Oct 19, 2009
    Ha ha. Serves me right for not double-checking in multiple browsers. The screencast channel is working fine on firefox / linux, also in the Opera browser on windows xp. Problem is with java in google chrome browser. Duh. Now i feel silly. On the plus side, now i’ve fixed java on my linux laptop.. that means i can make screencasts and jo...
  • Victorian e-learning innovations: mid-year sessions by Michael Chalk Jul 15, 2009
    i’ve just listened to the mid-year presentations for the Victorian e-learning innovations.. As well as our own “flexivet” project (flexible delivery in ACE), here are my highlights from all the interesting projects out there.. Lynne Gibb presents: Coonara Community House using collaborative wiki, flip camera and mp3 players ...

Funding credit: this project was funded and supported by the Australian Flexible Learning Framework (Framework), which you'll find at http://flexiblelearning.net.au/ If you don't already know, the Framework has an abundance of useful resources for developing flexible, blended or e-learning programs, for example:

(Some of the above projects were funded by the Framework but appear on different sites.)

photo credit: (creative commons at flickr) //Thanks: An apple a day// .