Issues and Challenges

There have been plenty of issues to think about for our project:
  • Simplicity: Need to make things simple, easy and accessible for teachers and learners. Protect people from the “Bleeding edge” of technology.
  • Access: Students don't have computers at home, often wife & mother gets last go at the computer.
  • Platform, Past experience: "Used TafeVC in the past, wasn't very friendly."
  • Safety vs Danger: some say the Open Web is "full of danger and filth" .. how to protect teachers and learners?
  • Copyright: are we sharing? Who owns this? Do we need to protect our interests? What about assessment tasks? Is there a benefit in sharing .. or would we protect?

  • As always, project work can be overwhelming for sessional teachers.
  • Plus: approach to new system / model ..

Intended audience?

What is the intended target audience for using the flexivet?
  • All sorts of people attending classes in Adult Community Education (ACE).

What prior competancies will learners have (and be required to have to access system)?
  • They will require at the least Basic Windows, Internet Explorer, email, word editing, and the capactity to be able to relate and convey - transfer information online to their own learning situation.

Impose vs involve?

At one stage there was the risk of "the classic online learning mistake of imposing system on students" - without consulting where they're at - we really need to not think of this system as online etc, rather on developing a good strong, engaging curriculum that students can access - based on their current needs etc. My thinking being that the kind of learners who would use flexivet will be introductory level learners. Anywhere Anytime Learn Online (AALO). (JK)

The model for learning?

Will this system be a learning model on its own? Or as part of a complimentary system of information/learning materials etc.
How do we make sure we can embed ideas of social learning?
  • ie to enable students and teachers to communicate and seek help from each other?