Decisions to be made

batman_by_missty_2_-_185396722_2f1aff253d_b.jpgAlong the way, we've had to make some decisions as a group, regarding flexible delivery options for courses:
  • Subject-based vs application-based? (word, excel etc), Level: beginner, intermediate, advanced?
  • Which platform? (office 03/07, open office, vista, xp..?)
  • Which online environment: tafevc, moodle, wiki?
  • Is there an existing set of resources that we can just buy?

Structure of the site:

For the student wiki, we decided to focus each section on an application (eg word'03, word'07) rather than a subject (eg operate computer packages such as word processing), although we have structured the site according to the certificates we're using.


Because different centres use different office suites and operating systems, we realised we would have to build separate sections for each application.

Online environment

We chose the wikispaces system (AccessACE private label) for a few reasons:
  • simplicity of use in editing, access, and also embedding media from various sources,
  • several project-workers were familiar with the environment already,
  • in-built discussion boards for interaction between students and classes.

Actions to start

  1. Search existing resource collections for examples of learning materials that we can re-use, re-purpose.
  2. Start off with a small-scale model – trial eg word, or knowledge of windows skills?
  3. Get a list of skills we want to demonstrate, and connect with learning outcomes (example certificates: word , spreadsheet).

photo credit: (creative commons at flickr) Thanks for //the batman photo// .