How to "Embed Media" on your wiki page

Part of the beauty of the new web applications is the way they can be embedded across multiple sites. For example, a you tube video doesn't exist only on YouTube-dot-com, it can be embedded and viewed in wikis and blogs around the entire web. You can embed many kinds of multimedia into a wikispace page like this:
  1. Find the "embed code" for the multimedia/ video/ slidecast
  2. Copy the embed code (eg Ctrl + C)
  3. Switch to your wiki page
  4. Go into editing mode ("Edit this page")
  5. Use the "Blue TV" - "embed Widget" - tool on the editing toolbar
  6. Paste in your code
    (via "other HTML" is usually fine) (eg Ctrl + V)
  7. Save

Here's michael chalk explaining this via a 4 minute screencast.

(.. or if that one doesn't work, try this version via

How to get the embed code from a flickr slideshow

Here's michael chalk again, showing how to grab the embed code for a flickr slideshow. (Any questions? Use the discussion tab at the top, if you're a member of this wiki.)

Other screencasts from michael at screencast-o-matic: