People and partners involved in the project

Core group, from these providers

  • Preston Reservoir Adult Community Education (PRACE)
  • Moreland Adult Education
  • Carlton Neighbourhood Learning Centre

Ancy Kurban – PRACE (VET) – “need for flexible delivery”, IT & Hospitality
Dave Gregg – PRACE, NMIT, flexible delivery eg Hospitality, “Creative IT”
Dave Cauchi – Moreland, work in background, encourage teachers later on, to include and trial, experience with flexible delivery (RMIT)
Jill Koppel – Carlton (CNLC), level 2 computers for ESL students who are now navigating around and accessing resources and students' work on our wiki CNLCTalks. (You'll need Username: students, Password cnlc1234.)
Marcella – Moreland language and literacy co-ordinator, & VET
Michael Chalk – e-learning & flexible learning co-ordinator at PRACE
Soheir Youssef – teaching information technology (IT) units at PRACE, used the TafeVC for flexible learning in the past, online team project.