water_one_resource_-_387761039_64cce2b23a_b.jpg Before making your own learning materials, it's always good to search for existing resources. We aimed to find what free learning materials already exist online.

There are plenty of pre-existing resources out there, eg: learning materials and networks, or repositories (collections) of learning resources. We have listed below some collections for searching, and one phase of our evaluation of these resources.

(However - on the other hand, some teachers find that it takes so long to search for resources, it can be easier and quicker to make things from scratch, especially if you have a knack for rapidly developing video screencasts.)


Our collaborative evaluation can be found here:
  1. The public version (no login, no editing) - of our ongoing evaluation of external resources at google docs(login required),
  2. Other evaluation: student feedback (via google form / spreadsheet).

Repositories (collections), for learning materials

Large, overview-type places to start searching include:

There is one toolbox focussing specifically on certificate i in ICT: the Truvision Toolbox (originally designed for people with vision impairment .. so highly visual).

.. or various video tutorial sites such as

Then there are more random tutorials:

again not the nicely packaged 14 components of the certificate.

Google it?

Of course, there's always your standard google search.

Related collections of learning materials


Specifically for hospitality, it's worth starting with

CD-based learning materials you can purchase has one example of a CD-based resource for purchase. Haven't looked at the license closely .. or the learning materials. i think there are more like this, eg
  • (atpl has support materials for certificate ii in information technology, including CD-based resources - could they be worth investigating?)

Printed materials we already use:

  • AMES – introduction to word .. and “untangling the web”
  • Manuals from Watsonia and Digital Data
  • Dave Cauchi uses “Professor Teaches” .. a CD from eBay, interactive on-screen tutorials

photo credit: (creative commons at flickr) Thanks for: //Water one resource// .