Stage one: Gather existing resources and learning materials

stage-one.gif Our quest: to discover any free resources that could match our certificate delivery.
This will involve:
edit the page on the go ..
  • set permissions so that students don't surprise us with incorporating obcenities!!
  • learn how to edit a wiki.

Stage two

eg: How to use microsoft word from "be your own it":

Basic evaluation: This is a free video. The presenter puts far too many skills into the presentation: type, zoom, cut and paste, find and replace. We need a video that chunks the skills more effectively.

Another eg: on how to use tables in Word
This looked promising when it started but the narrator speaks too fast and uses a lot of terms without defining them. Then the video (of a slide show with embedded screenshots) ends suddenly, as if he's covered all there is! There are no examples of the range of uses he mentions. I didn't check licences. JK

Now we have a new page for information about microsoft word tables, here.