Operate a personal computer (ICAU1128B)

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  1. Guidelines for making screencasts - an early draft on this page - (essentially: short and sweet, 3 minutes, close focus on a single skill, clear and accessible language).
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1. Start the computer
Person / organisation
1.1 Check peripheral device connections for correct position

1.2 Switch on power at both the power point and computer

2. Access basic system information
Person / organisation
2.1 Insert user name and password as prompted and note access, privacy, security and related conditions of use displayed on introductory screens

2.2 Navigate through the operating system to access system information to identify system configuration and application versions in operation

2.3 Use on-line help functions as required.

3. Navigate and manipulate desktop environment
Person / organisation
3.1 Create and customise desktop icons

3.2 Select, open and close desktop icons to access application programs

3.3 Manipulate application windows and return desktop to original condition

4. Organise basic directory/folder structure and files
Person / organisation
4.1 Create and name directories and subdirectories

4.2 Identify attributes of directories

4.3 Move subdirectories between directories

4.4 Rename directories as required

4.5 Access directories and subdirectories via different paths

5. Organise files for user and/or organisation requirements
Person / organisation
5.1 Use system browser to search drives for specific files

5.2 Access the most commonly used types of files in the directories

5.3 Select, open and rename groups of files as required

5.4 Move files between directories

5.5 Copy files to disk

5.6 Restore deleted files as necessary

5.7 Erase and format disks as necessary

6. Print information
Person / organisation
6.1 Add a printer if required and ensure correct printer settings

6.2 Change the default printer if appropriate

6.3 Print information from an installed printer

6.4 View and delete progress of print jobs as required

7. Shut down computer
Person / organisation
7.1 Save any work to be retained and close all open application programs correctly

7.2 Shut down computer correctly