Spreadsheets - choose your topic

Spreadsheet - basic skills - ICAU1130B – Operate A Spreadsheet Application

Some of these have already been done. Put your name against a micro-skill, and make the screencast.
  1. Guidelines for making screencasts - an early draft on this page - (essentially: short and sweet, 3 minutes, close focus on a single skill, clear and accessible language).
  2. If you're embedding screencasts into the student wiki - here are suggested guidelines for editing wiki pages too.

1. Create spreadsheets
Person / page
1.1 Open spreadsheet application and create/open spreadsheet file and enter numbers, text and symbols into cells according to information requirements

1.2 Enter simple formulas using cell referencing where required

1.3 Correct formulas when error messages occur

1.4 Use a range of common tools during spreadsheet development

1.5 Edit columns and rows within the spreadsheet

1.6 Use the auto fill function to increment data where required

1.7 Save spreadsheet to correct directory or folder

2. Customise basic settings
Person / page
2.1 Adjust page layout to meet user requirements or special needs

2.2 Open and view different toolbars

2.3 Change font settings so they are appropriate for the purpose of the document

2.4 Change alignment options and line spacing according to spreadsheet formatting features

2.5 Format cell to display different styles as required

2.6 Modify margin sizes to suit the purpose of the spreadsheets

2.7 View multiple spreadsheets concurrently

3. Format spreadsheet
person / page
3.1 Use formatting features as required

3.2 Copy selected formatting features from another cell in the spreadsheet or from another active spreadsheet

3.3 Use formatting tools as required within the spreadsheet

3.4 Align information in a selected cell as required

3.5 Insert headers and footers using formatting features

3.6 Save spreadsheet in another format

3.7 Save and close spreadsheet to disk

4. Incorporate object and chart in spreadsheet
person / page
4.1 Import an object into an active spreadsheet

4.2 Manipulate imported object by using formatting features 4.3 Create a chart using selected data in the spreadsheet

4.4 Display selected data in a different chart

4.5 Modify chart using formatting features

5. Print spreadsheet
person / page
5.1 Preview spreadsheet in print preview mode

5.2 Select basic printer options

5.3 Print spreadsheet or selected part of spreadsheet

5.4 Submit the spreadsheet to the appropriate person for approval or feedback