Vision, dreams, goals .. outcomes

Essentially we wanted to:
  • collect a range of resources that teachers and learners could rely on during their studies
  • enable teachers to produce video screencasts as learning materials, and trial these with students in the classroom
  • investigate options for building more social connection between classes
  • find out if web2 tools could be mapped to existing IT certificates.

Our investigation into flexible delivery would need to provide:
  • Bite-size chunks of learning, focussing on specific parts of certain certificates and key skills
  • certificate i/ii – 4 key and interactive subjects (operate pc, operate package)
  • A set of resources that all organisations can then use later on, and deliver in ways relevant to each organisation
  • Learning materials that students can go home and use in their own time and place
  • Some kind of language support aspect to the program
  • Ways to start with a really simple prototype
  • Additional resources for existing classes
  • ..and the capacity for teachers and learners to access at different times.

It was our intention that learners would continue to receive statements of attainment and other accredited outcomes.