We've done the searching, now let's make some screencasts

Word Processor - Basic Skills - ICAU1129B - operate a word processing application

Some of these have already been done. Put your name against a micro-skill, and make the screencast.
  1. Guidelines for making screencasts - an early draft on this page - (essentially: short and sweet, 3 minutes, close focus on a single skill, clear and accessible language).
  2. If you're embedding screencasts into the student wiki - here are suggested guidelines for editing wiki pages too.

1. Create documents
1.1 Open word processing application and create/open document and add data according to information requirements
MAE (2007)
1.2 Use document templates as required

1.3 Use simple formatting tools when creating the document
Toni L CNLC '03 done / MAE(2007)
1.4 Save document to correct directory (NB: this will vary with each organisation's protocols and drive structures... differnce b/w Save and Save as...jk)
JK(2003) done / MAE (2007)

2. Customise basic settings to meet page layout conventions
2.1 Adjust page layout to meet information requirements
JK ('03) done
2.2 Open and view different toolbars
JK '03 done (MAE 2007)
2.3 Change font format to suit the purpose of the document
MAE (2007)
2.4 Change alignment and line spacing according to document information requirements
JK(2003): done
2.5 Modify margins to suit the purpose of the document
JK(2003) done / (MAE 2007)
2.6 Open and switch between several documents
JK(2003) done

3. Format document
3.1 Use formatting features and styles as required
TL & LR at CNLC (2003)
3.2 Highlight and copy text from another area in the document or from another active document
JK(2003) / MAE (2007)
3.3 Insert headers and footers to incorporate all necessary data
3.4 Save document in another file format/ Save and Save As
MAE (2007)/JK('03) done
3.5 Save and close document to disk
MAE (2007)

4. Create tables

4.1 Insert a standard table into a document
SY / JK ('03) done, DC ('07)

4.2 Change cells to meet information requirements
SY ('03), DC ('07)

4.3 Insert and delete columns and rows as necessary
SY ('03), DC ('07)

4.4 Use formatting tools according to style requirements
MC ('03), DC ('07)

5 Add images

5.1 Insert appropriate (ie keyword and context) images in a document and customise as necessary
JK(2003), JG ('07)
Some of the existing screencasts (2003) are OK.
5.2 Position and resize images to meet the document formatting needs
JG ('07)
Existing screencasts might suffice here (though only for Word 2003)

6. Use mail merge
6.1 Create simple mailing list in layout suitable for merging
SY ('03)
6.2 Create or select another document for merging
SY ('03)
6.3 Mail merge list with other document
SY ('03)

7. Print documents
7.1 Preview document in print preview mode
CNLC(2003) / MAE (2007)
7.2 Select basic print settings
JK(2003) / (MAE 2007)
7.3 Print document or part of the document from printer
JK(2003) / MAE (2007)

**Where you see JK, this refers to one of us three at CNLC... and it will be for Word 2003 only. JK